• Register with joinmyjourney by creating an account.

    Once you have submitted the form you will need to verify your email address. You'll receive a verification link from us via email.

    Check your spam folder if you don't get the email.

    If the email is not in your spam folder, your organisation's firewall could be preventing emails being delivered from joinmyjourney.org.uk.

    Please contact your organisation's IT team, asking them to safelist the joinmyjourney domain.

  • If you are going to be your workplace's hub admin, you will need to create a hub for your business.

    Once you have registered with joinmyjourney, you will then be able to create a hub for your business.

    Fill out the hub form, and we will email you to let you know when your hub has been approved.

    Your hub section will include a unique business link to share with your workplace so your co-workers can start sharing journeys with one another.

  • Click on the unique business link that your workplace has shared with you or complete the registration form.

    Once you have an account, click on the journeys icon in the menu.

    Choose a name for your journey and how you will travel. You can create multiple journeys for different days of the week and at different times.

    To find a match, you will need to add your point of origin and destination in the 'find a journey' field.

    All your journeys can be found in the 'your journeys' section.

    Don't worry if you don't find an immediate match. It can take a bit of time for people in your workplace to get started with joinmyjourney.

  • You will only be matched with users from your organisation or agreed organisations in your area.

    Other users can only see selected information and your username.

    There is a report function in case you experience any problems. Click on the spanner icon in the bottom right corner to make a report.

    Your workplace hub admin can also add and delete users as necessary.

  • You can set your preferences for who you want to share a journey with when setting up your profile in the 'further information' section.

    You can also set preferences for each journey, such as the days you want to travel and types of journey, as well as personal preferences such as no smoking, no eating, restricting the gender of permitted sharers, and more.

    When deciding whether to join another user's journey, you will have the option to look at their profile.

  • For security reasons, we ask that employers create a hub for their workplaces.

    If you do not work in a large company, you can join an area hub to connect with others who may be travelling to the same area.

    Please contact us if you would like an area hub to created.

  • Share your unique business hub link with your co-workers.

    You could also promote joinmyjourney through staff newsletters, or add a section to your workplace's intranet if you have one.

    Contact our team for a host of resources to help with promoting the service, including social media assets, posters and pull up banners.

  • Businesses of any size can create a business hub.

    Once you've created your hub, we will check whether you want to join an area hub to connect with other businesses near you.

    If one is not available in your area, contact us to request that we create one for you.

  • The focus of joinmyjourney is to connect commuters. It is up to individuals to decide how they would like to share journeys.

    One suggestion is alternating who drives each week.

  • Sharing car journeys saves you money, reduces congestion, and improves air quality.

  • You can help someone who is new to cycling to find alternative routes to work.

    There are also many mental and physical benefits that come from active travel.

  • Walking with others makes the commuting time go faster.

    There are also many mental and physical benefits that come from active travel.

    Keep walking all year round, particularly through the darker months of the year.

  • Technically yes, as you can be matched to any journey of those in your network.

    As we expand, we will open the platform up to more than just workplaces. This will include a broader range of journeys, such as trips to schools and events, as well as a wider selection of hubs, such as for residential areas.